Spectra Precision LT52-2 Point and Line Laser Tool with HR220 Laser Receiver

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Discontinued - See LT52R-2 as direct replacement

Spectra LT52-2 Laser
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 The Spectra Precision® LT52 is the Tool for All Trades. It eliminates the need for a contractor to purchase two tools by combining a 5 beam laser pointer with a horizontal and vertical cross line laser into one product. The versatile, automatic self-leveling laser tool can be used in a wide variety of construction applications.
 Spectra Precision LT52-2 OVERVIEW
The Spectra Precision® LT52 Laser Tool is an automatic self-leveling multi-purpose tool that can be used in a wide variety of construction applications. It eliminates the need for a contractor to purchase two tools - a 5 beam pointer and a crossline laser - by combining both into one versatile product. For interior building and remodeling, the laser is used for horizontal and vertical alignment, wall layout, acoustic ceiling installation, point transfer up and down, wall and floor tiles, finish carpentry and 90 degree squaring. The lines and points are the brightest in the industry. Robustness is assured with a 3 foot drop
 Spectra Precision LT52-2 Laser Package INCLUDES 
  • LT52 Laser Transmitter
  • LR220 Laser Receiver > details shown below
  • Red Magnetic Ceiling Target : 1176
  • Red Laser Glasses
  • Charger
  • Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
  • Hard Protective Case
 Spectra Precision LT52 Laser HIGHLIGHTS
  • MORE ROBUST - The Only Brand Warranted for a 3-Foot Drop
 Spectra Precision LT52 FEATURES and BENEFITS
  • Eliminates the need for contractors to purchase two tools by combining a 5-beam pointer and a crossline laser into one product
  • Automatic self-leveling assures accuracy and fast setup
  • Versatile tool does multiple jobs - set it up once and work plumb, level and square in the whole area
  • The industry’s brightest crosslines and points for easy viewing in all conditions – points are visible up to 200 feet
  • Wide 210° horizontal line intersects side points; Vertical up beam intersects up point
  • Down point clears floor track, no accessory required
  • Long battery life – 56 hours for pointer on alkaline batteries
  • 3 year instant exchange warranty minimizes downtime
  • Water, mud, and shock resistant, able to withstand a 3-foot drop onto concrete... IP54 rated
  • Optional HR220 receiver can be added for exterior applications for maximum jobsite versatility
 Spectra Precision LT52-2 SPECIFICATIONS
 Accuracy  1/8-inch @ 50 foot
 Visual Distance - Points  200-foot
 Visual Distance - Lines  100-foot
 Distance with optional Receiver
 Laser Power
 Less than 1 mw
 Laser Class
 Class 2
 Mounting (2 sizes)  5/8-11 and 1/4-20
 Batteries  4 - AA
 Battery Life
 56 hours - Points
 11 hours - Lines
 Out of Level Indication
 Flashing beam, triple flash every 10 sec
 Self-Leveling Range
 3° ±1° all directions
 Dust and Water Resistance
 Operating Temperature
 14° to 113° Fahrenheit
 Storage Temperature
 -4° to 140° Fahrenheit
 Size (L x W x H)
 5.7 x 3.0 x 5.9 inches
 Weight  1.5 lbs
 Warranty  3-Years
 3 Year Warranty includes Free Instant Over-the-Counter Exchange for the first 2 years and supplemental charge for the 3rd year. Warranty Covers 3-foot drop.
 Spectra HR220 Receiver INCLUDED with LT52-2 Laser Package
spectra-precisoin-hr220-laser-receiver-small.jpgThe Spectra Precision® HR220 laser receiver is designed to detect laser beams generated from crossline lasers including the LT52, LT56, LT58, 5.2XL, 1.3XL and 1.5PL. The receiver can extend the indoor working range of these crossline lasers as well as increasing versatility by allowing outdoor use. The HR220 includes a rod clamp that easily attaches to grade rods.

The HR220 Laser Receiver features include a large front LCD, a rear-corner Red-Green-Blue LED display, and dual horizontal and vertical level bubbles. A loud audible signal is also emitted and can be set to loud, low or off. The HR220 is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standards and also withstands a drop of up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) to a hard surface.
 Spectra Precision HR220 Receiver FEATURES and BENEFITS
  • HR220 laser receiver allows work indoors or outdoors up to 300 feet and works in all horizontal and vertical applications
  • Magnetically attaches on ceilings or metal studs eliminating the need for addition accessories Includes a heavy duty rod clamp for elevation control across the jobsite
  • Squared off housing and marking notches on both sides make it easy to mark alignments and elevations
  • Tough composite housing protects against damage due to dropping for lower operating and repair costs
  • Long battery life and automatic shut off keeps the receiver ready to work when needed
The Spectra 5.2XL Point and Line Laser Tools was the First "Combo" Laser
It set the Gold Standard - A Very Successful Strong Seller
 Now the LT52 Laser is here and it is a Step ABOVE in Quality and Performance
 Improvements to the LT52
  • Visible down beam clears 2-inch floor track
  • Accuracy improved 50% on all Lines and Points
  • Points are now concise and round - easy to mark
  • Points are brighter - visible up to 200-foot - the brightest!
  • 210° Horizontal line intersects the side dots
  • Lines are much brighter
  • All models ship in a hard carrying case
  • 4 x AA Batteries power - Points get over 55 hours
  • Battery door design improved
  • Pendulum lock mechanism improved
  • New laser tool look - strong, clean and ergonomic
  • Powerful Class 2 laser tool
  • Down point is visible without the addition magnetic mount adapter
Compare the LT52 to the competition:
  • More points, better spots. Longer distance points.
  • Longer lines, Brighter lines.
  • Spot quality second to none - spot is concise and round.
  • Brightest spot - visible up to 200 feet
  • Equates to a PLS4 + PLS5 in one unit.
    • Lower cost than either
  • Visible down point clears 2-inch floor track
  • Down point automatically aligns to floor track without an accessory
  • Heavy-Duty overmold and 3-foot drop specification
    • The only drop spec in the industry
  • Best warranty in the Industry - 3/2